Minecraft prophecy

Colored wheat and moving floors will be added to Minecraft, for I saw it in a dream. Ok, so, in my dream I walked past “Irish wheat,” it was 2 blocks high and was colored by an orange tip, a white body, and a green base. Also, unless wheat is already 2 blocks high, wheat is going to be 2 blocks high now, or it was a different crop entirely.

Now the treadmills. So just, imagine a floor of stone blocks, sliding forward. That’s what I saw, it was like those airport floors that move. The floor in my dream was in a pattern like this (but not this I can’t remember), b b w s s w b b, b =b bricks, w = red wool, s = stone. They also curved up, down, and side to side, and broke away from each other. So I think each row of treadmill is treated a a separate treadmill. The curving I’m sure would be a modded thing, this entire thing could be a modded thing. Either way, just in case I’m a Prophet of Mojang, here’s what I saw in my dream during my work pushing carts. (This was during a work dream.)