Memory’s Modern Resource Pack

Nowadays, there are many of the textures in Miencraft have a huge upgraded and rustic look about them. This change serves the game so well, but the quality of them is not suitable for players who want to make more modern metropolis, we can say those textures are dated !!

But don’t worry, today, we introduce to you guys a resource pack called Memory’s Modern, which can easily solve this problem !! This Memory’s Modern resource pack brings so many textures to Minecraft and change the whole world with more modern looking structures !! You will have a chance to explore a whole new world with a wide variety of shades and colors, moreover, there are so many nice looking bricks made from hardened clays !!! With the right shader and more exciting features, this Memory’s Modern resource pack could be one of the best beautiful packs for Minecraft, hold on, which is only a 16x pack, what an amazing thing that a smallest type can do !!

If you don’t have a strong graphics card or a high-end computer, this resource pack is worth checking out !! So hope you guys will enjoy this resource pack !!