Firewolf Resource Pack

Are you looking for an exciting 128x resource pack for Minecraft ?? This Firewolf resource pack will be your best choice !! The Firewolf Resource pack makes so many blocks look better from the original version of Minecraft. There are so many types of sandstone and standard stone bricks, they all look more like building bricks, so realistic !! Moreover, the grassy dirst now has grass that runs down the sides, not stopping at the edge anymore. But there’s still one problem that this Fireworld does not fix the issue with glass blocks and panes, where windows appear to be made by many smaller pieces of glass and not one huge pane.

The main textures style of Firewolf Resource pack is little bit different from any other resource packs that you’ve played before, so I think, you will find something new, something exciting to discover !! Also, this resource packs has upgraded hostile mobs like skeletons and zombies, they now look exactly like they do in the original version of Minecraft. Because Firewolf is a huge resource pack made with 128x resolution so what it brings to the Minecraft game will amaze you !! So hope you guys will enjoy this resource pack !! Besure to download and install it today !!