BreadCrumbs RPG Resource Pack

Just like the other RPG resource pack, this BreadCrumbs RPG resoure pack adds gloomy effect to the world of Minecraft, makeing many things darker even the whole textures of this game, by the way, there is less reflective of light. In spite of the fact that BreadCrumbs RPG resource pack is only 32x resolution, there is still an exquisite amount of detail, although it should be said that a number of the textures in this pack are nearly 16x, not 32x for real. The best feature of this resource pack is the new images in the user interface bring every item in the game a brand new look for their own, like make them into something totally different.

Morever, there are a lot of new mushroom graphics in this BreadCrumbs RPB resource pack, which brings for those with any mushroom mods installed for Minecraft game. Nevertherless, this resource pack makes it easy to tell when food is growing and the time when it’s ready to be harvested, so don’t worry about breaking wheat. Overall, the BreadCrumbs RPG resource pack is worth checking out. So hope you guys will enjoy this resource pack!!