Chroma Hills Resource Pack

Today, we will present to you guys a very rare resource pack called Chroma Hills. The reason why we call it rare : because it takes so many RPG elements and runs them in a different way. As we can see, most of resource packs of the RPG gameplay tend to be darker and gloomy, but this Chroma Hills is very colorful, bright and fresh, brings to Minecraft a whole new different look, more like a cartoon than many other resource packs do. It’s not such a bad thing at all, the best feature of this resource pack is it does a very good job of combining two elements into something exciting that you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll have a huge environment to explore !!

The fact is, this Chroma Hills Resource pack is still on progress and just recently updated to work in line with Minecraft 1.8. Furthermore, this Chroma Hills resource pack has two different resolutions, a 64x variety for low-end computers and a 128x variety for players who want to enjoy this resource pack with true HD textures of Minecraft. And every type of ore such as diamonds, lapins, red stone, … have unique images too.

I can say that Chroma Hills Resource pack changes all the textures from Minecraft so you will feels like a completely different game when you’re playing this pack. This resource pack is worth checking out !!! So hope you guys will enjoy this resource pack!!