Dandelion Resource Pack

Today, we will present to you guys a resource pack called Dandelion for Minecraft 1.8.3 . Not really like its name, this Dandelion doesn’t fill Minecraft with normal dandelion-themed items and blocks. This Dandelion resource pack does a really good job of upgrading the appearance of many flowers, including some newer ones presented back in Minecraft 1.7, but in fact, it does much more than just that. From beds to desks to bookshelves and more, this Dandelion resource pack gives a much-needed update to many of the old textures found in the world of Minecraft. If you’re looking for a lot of new content, this resource pack is not suitable for you, but if you’re looking for a resource pack that make Minecraft world looks different, this is your best choice !!!

You will see the world of Minecraft so different after load up Dandelion resource pack, but the trees in this resource pack looks kinda ugly. But it just a tiny problem, all the other textures are direct upgrade from their normal look, Dandelion features support a lot of mods which lead to more further world customization. There are some textures detail such as soul sand, are smoothed over and completely change, what an amazing thing !! The majority of this mod is make things look a little better rather than completely new !

It’s impossible to say this resource pack could work normally in newer version of Minecraft but I’m sure it works with Minecraft versions right up to 1.8. For a kind of fantasy world dominated by lighter colors, Dandelion can’t be beat by any competitors!!!