Villagers Won’t Restock 1.14 ?


Villagers Won’t Restock 1.14 ?

So I started working on a simple trading hall, nothing crazy, The villagers are confined to an area, where they have access to their workstation and still one block of room to access it, I know that much is required, as far as I'm concerned, Gossip is not required and neither is a bed, and yes they are floor level with their station, is there something I'm missing?

Is it possible that they don't restock trades that are (x=item) for Emeralds, and only restock trades that are Emeralds for (x=item)?

Its been 3 minecraft days and they have not restocked the trade I am trying to get restocked. which is a (x=item) for emerald trade, Let me know if there's any requirements I could be missing. (Does a bed interfere?)

Any info would be appreciated, thank you!